Who says when it comes to jewellery that you and your partner can’t match? Couples that accessorise together, stay together, and we’ve assembled our top cute and fashionable ideas to keep you and your partner on-trend. 

Memory Lockets:


We all know somebody who owns a locket with a much-loved photograph tucked away on the inside. And yes, it may sound a little gimmicky at first, but they truly are a cute way to keep a memory of your partner close at hand. What may be a favourite necklace for her could be a keepsake for him to keep tucked in a wallet or a bedside drawer. 

Why not go a step further and personalise the outside of the locket as well as the inside; with an initial, anniversary date, a cute nickname - the possibilities are endless! 

Eternity Bands:


Eternity bands symbolise commitment and the promise you are making to love each other forever. Whether you’re looking to add to your existing jewellery collection or as a stand-alone piece, there are many different variations for you and your partner to match without outright twinning. 

Be it classic diamonds or a sleek plain band; an eternity ring is a top pick for couples jewellery and an on-hand reminder of your love story. Check out our range of eternity bands here.

Initial Charms:


If you and your partner prefer subtlety, there’s always the option to simply add matching charms to an already existing piece of jewellery - or perhaps even a set of keys - instead. You can keep it personal by choosing two initials (one for you and one for them), which can be worn as a daily reminder of the life you share together. Perfect for those couples who enjoy a more subtle approach. Check out our charms here.

Matching Bracelets:


How about a more upmarket way to get that couples jewellery feeling and is perfect for everyday use? 

Look no further than matching bracelets, which are available in so many different styles. From plain to bejewelled, you’ll be sure to find one that’s perfect for you both. Plus, they can even be stacked with other pieces to complete the look. Check out our range of bracelets here.

Personalised keyrings:

True, these may not be technically jewellery, but they’re still a cute and fashionable gift for yourself and your partner. Be it personalised with each other’s name, an anniversary date, or a few special words; nothing can beat this adorable addition to your keys. Plus, if you add a chain, you can easily turn a simple keyring into a fashionable, bespoke necklace. Check out our personalised keyrings here.

Two Halves of a Whole Pendants:


We left the best until last - the “two halves of a whole pendant” are the absolute pinnacle of couples jewellery and are a heart-warming way to remind yourselves that one will never be complete without the other. The best part about this his & hers jewellery is the countless options that you have. From a heart to a locket to anything at all, your pendant can be as unique as the love you share. Check out the SIWD “two halves of a whole” pendant here.


October 02, 2020 — Digital Media Team Collaborator