Wedding Jewellery Guide |

Wedding Jewellery Guide

Weddings are back and we could not be more excited, if your big day is fast approaching, we are here to offer a helping hand with those finishing touches. You’ve picked your dress, shoes and hairstyle, but have you decided your jewellery? On your big day it’s the small details that make a big difference. To ensure you pick the perfect pieces for your special day, we have pulled together our top recommendations. See the full collection here.
The cut of your dress determines the style of necklace you can wear or if at all, necklaces best compliment a lower neckline dress such as a Bardot or Sweetheart. A simple elegant style necklace is best and our Circle Of Life Necklace is a beautiful, classic piece representing eternal love, making it the perfect necklace choice.



It is important to get the right balance as not every piece you wear on your wedding day needs to be a statement, if your necklace is a bold sparkly piece, keep your earrings simple, our Classic Claw Set Earrings will compliment any look.



Pearls are also a favourite when it comes to bridal jewellery, a timeless staple which oozes elegance, we recommend our Sterling Silver Round Pearl Earrings or our Sterling Silver & CZ Pearl Drop Earrings.



If your dress has long sleeves you are probably best avoiding wrist pieces, however if you have a sleeveless dress bracelets are a perfect finishing touch to your look. Our absolute favourite for this is a Tennis Bracelet, a stylish subtle statement which will give off the perfect glow in your photos. We offer a selection of choices of different price ranges to fit all budgets. We guarantee this piece is a must-have for your special day.
 Wedding Jewellery Collection
We hope this has given you the inspo you needed to start planning your perfect wedding day jewellery look, shop the full collection here to view our wide selection of pieces that will be perfect for your unforgettable day.
Top Jewellery Trends for 2021 |

Top Jewellery Trends for 2021

With jewellery, there’s usually no definite right or wrong way to wear the pieces you love! Despite there being a whole lot of jewellery trends to keep on top of, the most important thing is making that trend your own - with a bit of guidance from us here at Say it with Diamonds, of course. 

We’re experts when it comes to all things jewellery, so we thought we’d put together a simple guide to help you navigate the top jewellery trends of 2021, that you can truly make your own! 

With the end of lockdown on the horizon, it’s time to knock the dust off your jewellery box and give your collection some much needed TLC (and maybe a few new additions!)...


Diamonds are forever

It’s no secret that diamonds are a forever trend; they really are a girl’s best friend! You never need an excuse to be able to wear your favourite diamond pieces, but we’re glad they are (yet again) a HUGE trend this year. 

If you’re looking to add some new sparkle to your collection, our Circle of Life range is a bestseller for a reason! Our Circle of Life necklaces feature a striking circle pendant and add that special touch of glamour to your everyday look. What more could you ask for?

Wanting something slightly more understated? Our one-of-a-kind Circle of Life earrings might just be for you. With the iconic circle of life symbol, these earrings are subtle, sweet and designed to add a touch of elegance to your collection. Staying on-trend has never been easier!

Layer it up

Layering and stacking jewellery is another trend we’re happy to see in 2021! When it’s done correctly, jewellery stacking can look effortless, chic and glam. But, done the wrong way and you risk looking like a little girl who’s been playing dress-up (not ideal).

Luckily for you, we know a thing or two about the latest jewellery trends. So naturally, we planned ahead. 

Our Health, Wealth and Fortune costume stack is the perfect way to keep up with the layering trend! Our range of gorgeous costume stacks are made up of five eye-catching bracelets - each with its own unique charms, which make for a modern, chic look and add texture to any outfit. 

Designed to be worn together or apart, we just can’t get enough. Oh, and did we mention they’re only £42.50! We also have necklaces in different lengths, which complement each other beautifully. Why not try one of our sterling silver chains teamed with our Forever Cross statement piece.


A pop of colour

After the year we’ve all had, it’s refreshing to see that colourful jewellery is set to become a top trend this year! If you’ve always been a fan of timeless classics like silver and gold, why not mix it up and try something new?

Our Birthstone Collection is the perfect way to add a subtle pop of colour to your much-loved pieces. A little bit of colour goes a long way; our unique gems come with their own special meaning and correspond with your birth month!

Shop our Birthstone Bracelet, Earrings or even just our colourful Pendants that can be added to any of your beloved treasures! 


Pretty in Pearls 

Pearls are a true classic and are really never far from the latest trends. But this year, pearls are taking centre stage and have made a comeback in a big way (everyone say thank you Harry Styles, circa 2019 Met Gala)! 

Pearls have the ability to tie an outfit together! Simple but elegant, no matter the occasion, they are the perfect go-to. Our sterling silver Round Pearl earrings are only £55 and are ideal for transforming a simple everyday look into something special! If you struggle to keep up with jewellery trends, why not consider investing in a dazzling pearl statement piece which will never go out of style.


Statement pendants 

Pendants have made a huge impact this year, and we couldn’t be happier. From runways to high streets, pendants are taking over (yet again!).

Stay on-trend with our brand new pendant collection! These all-around classics are made from luxury sterling silver and plated with gold. Wear them alone or combine two trends in one and layer them up. Just like a classic locket, there’s room inside to keep a photo of a loved one so you can always keep them close to your heart.

Our sterling silver Locket Pendant is sentimental and timeless. Best paired with one of our beautiful chains, keep it simple and plain or add that personal touch with a free engraving of any message you choose! 


Didn’t find what you were looking for? Whatever trend you’re after, we’ve got you covered! With our constantly growing collections, you can take your pick from the latest must-have rings, bracelets, necklaces and more. 

Take a peek at our incredible bestsellers collection filled with beautiful pieces from us here at Say it with Diamonds, that’ll make you shine from the outside as well as within.

Our Top 5 Trending Jewellery Pieces: January Edition |

Our Top 5 Trending Jewellery Pieces: January Edition

The January Blues are well and truly upon us. So what else can we do but dream, relax, and treat ourselves. We’ve got five gorgeous picks for you based on our trending items, so you can save your dull January with beautiful jewellery.

5 Valentine's Day Gifts She’ll Be Obsessed With |

5 Valentine's Day Gifts She’ll Be Obsessed With

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s or Galentine’s this February 14th, there’s no denying that jewellery makes the perfect gift. We’ve put together our top five picks from our brand new Valentine's Day Collection. Whatever your budget, we’re sure to have something for that special person in your life.  

Boxing Day Sale: Our Top Picks |

Boxing Day Sale: Our Top Picks

Everybody loves a good Boxing Day sale. You’ve spent the last few months buying presents for the in-laws, the parents, the kids, the dog… but now it’s time to splurge on the most important person in your life. Yourself, of course!

Here at Say it with Diamonds we’ve got some incredible deals this Boxing Day, including £150 off our favourite sterling silver necklaces, plus 10% off sitewide*! There are so many amazing offers that you’d be forgiven for not knowing where to start, so we’ve put together a list of our personal highlights for you to take a look at.

(*excluding diamonds.)

Fancy Initial Necklace - £150 Off


Delicately designed to look just like our full diamond initial, our sterling silver initial necklace gives you all the glamour at a fraction of the price. The fancily-designed lettering is coupled with the angelic wings which have become part of an iconic SIWD design. Choose your first initial, or perhaps the initial of a loved one, and discover how perfectly our necklaces stack with each other.

Initial Necklace - £150 Off


If the “Fancy” font necklace doesn’t feel right for you, then a slightly more subtle alternative is our regular initial necklace. Just as dainty and full of shimmering stones, this piece is for those who want the glamour but with just a *dash* more sensibility. If this is a belated gift for a friend or family member, why not add one of our birthstone charms to make it that little bit more personal?

Me & Mine Bangle - 10% Off


Celebrating you and those you love, our Me & Mine range is one of our bestselling collections here at SIWD. The bangle is a simple addition to your arm, with a shimmering stone on one side and a studded initial of your choice on the other. An ideal little extra gift for you or yours.

Me & Mine Ring - 10% Off


A perfect complement to the “Me & Mine” bangle is the ring from the same collection. Perfect for everyday wear and special occasions alike, this is about to become your new staple ring. Your initial adds a little bit of individuality - why not mix and match two initials to make your outfit more personalised?

Forever Cross Necklace £150 Off


A true statement piece representing life, love, finality and promise, our “Forever” cross features beautiful baguette cubic zirconia stones. The cross is intertwined with another, smaller cross where the two baguettes meet, creating a traditional yet elegant take on the symbol. While the cross may represent your faith, it can also take on many other meanings, of unity, of hope, of love.

Birthstone Bracelet - 10% Off


Anyone with a January birthday coming up will know that it can sometimes feel like an afterthought to get them a genuine, thoughtful gift. However, a stunning bracelet featuring their birthstone (hint… theirs is garnet!) is the perfect option to show that you thought especially of them.

Cathedral Cross Necklace - £150 Off


All of our cathedral jewellery is designed to replicate the beauty of European cathedrals - think the churches in France, Italy, Spain… often thought of as the most beautiful examples of architecture in the world. A piece like this allows you to carry that beauty of those places with you wherever you go. A true taste of luxury.

We hope that our top picks have helped you narrow down your choices just a little. However, if it’s just added to your shopping list, don’t worry. Remember that all four of the above necklaces are £150 off, plus everything else across the site (excluding diamonds) are available with a huge 10% discount in the sale! You better hurry, though, as our bestsellers truly don’t stay in stock for long!

December 26, 2020 — Digital Media Team Collaborator
SIWD x Olivia Bowen Collection |

SIWD x Olivia Bowen Collection

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our brand new collab with mega influencer and Instagram queen, Olivia Bowen! Combining her signature style with classic elegance, these new pieces are sure to stay in your collection forever. We caught up with Olivia to talk all things SIWD, find out a bit more about her crazy busy life, and get some juicy insight into what the future holds for her. Trust us, you don’t wanna miss this… 

Q: How did you get into what you’re doing now? 

Olivia: Four and a half years ago I went on Love Island, I actually didn’t know what I wanted to do after - I told my mum I wanted to go into car sales! But, then I came out and everything just kicked off. I found myself falling into different things; doing shoots, working with brands, all sorts. It was Love Island that started it all. 


Q: What was your dream job when you were growing up? 

Olivia: I don’t think I really had a dream job. I was never one of those that were like “Oh, I wanna be a fireman”, but I always loved fashion and studied it in school as well as photography and art. I always knew I wanted to be involved with fashion, so it worked out quite well really. 

Q: Tell us three interesting facts about yourself. 

Olivia: Oh, f*cking hell, haha! I used to dance; ballet, jazz, tap - when I was younger. I can also horse ride and my party trick is doing the crab and walking along upside down...  I have to be really drunk to do that, though.


Q: Have you got a secret talent?

Olivia: I can do a belly dance with my tongue, which is another party trick, haha.

Q: How did you find it working with Say it with Diamonds? 

Olivia: Just so lovely! It’s really important to me that the brands that I work with are people that I get on with. I believe in their message, I believe in what they’re doing, and I like their products. I think it ended up being such a nice partnership because I’ve been so involved. They listened to my ideas and we got on well, so it’s just been really easy and really lovely.  

Q: What’s your fave SIWD piece(s) apart from your own? 

Olivia: Haha, anything that’s mega shiny and big! It would have to be the Pear Moissanite Ring. I’m not bothered whether it’s real diamonds or not, I’m not one of those people who has to have that - if it looks the same, it doesn’t matter, does it. I also love the initial necklaces and the Me & Mine Earrings. But, anything sparkly really. Which is basically the whole website. 


Q: How would you describe yourself and your style? 

Olivia: I can either go one way or the other. I’m either really tomboy-ish; never have my nails done, walking around with my hair scraped back, and I’ll wear Alex’s clothes drowning me, or I can be really girly. It depends, I’m either completely glammed up or I’m a tomboy. 

Q: Have you got any plans for the future? 

Olivia: I know I want to be happy and successful. I did just get my own horse, which is something that I’m really getting into now, and I’d really love to compete her next year. Kids are on mine and Alex’s radar, but not what we’re currently prioritising. I just want to be happy, have fun, and continue working with people that I love. You have to follow where life takes you.

You can shop Olivia’s gorgeous new collection here. 


December 03, 2020 — Digital Media Team Collaborator