Birthstones are a collection of beautiful gems correlating to someone's date of birth. Traditionally, they each hold a specific meaning that brings wellness and good fortune to the wearer, making them the perfect gift for someone who appreciates the sentimental things in life. 

Not only that, but the unique meaning and significance for each one relate to the zodiac sign too - so learning about them (and shopping for them) makes looking for wedding, anniversary, or any celebration gifts a whole lot more personal! 

The birthstone for January is the Garnet - a dazzling deep beautiful red colour. It usually has a protection meaning behind it, particularly when it comes to travel. It's a beautiful gift for Capricorns who are on the move a lot and are close to your heart. It represents confidence, energy, and strong willpower. These January babies tend to be feisty and spontaneous. Amid their whirlwind get-go life, our Zodiac necklace would be perfect - mostly because they can't misplace it! 


February is a stunning purple amethyst. It's said to strengthen relationships and give the wearer courage. So if you've got an anniversary coming up with an Aquarius, our Birthstone Bracelets are perfect for you. It's also known for representing peace and serenity - the ideal present for a highly intelligent February baby with a savvy business mind. They tend to be in a hurry all the time - whether it's to get home, earn a promotion, or start a family. They tend to think about the big picture, rather than break life down into its different moments. The amethyst will give them the positive, calming boost they need.  


The birthstone for March is a stunning sea-coloured Aquamarine gem. In many traditions, including Romans and sailors, it's believed to be a powerful protection giver. Pisces are natural caregivers in any relationship and bring tranquility to most situations as well as being great communicators and deeply valued. They appreciate thought and heart going into a gift, making these Birthstone Earrings a knockout gift. 

If you, or someone you love, is born in April, that makes them an Aries with a diamond birthstone. Diamonds form under immense pressure around 100 miles below the Earth's surface. It's no wonder that diamond personalities adhere to this strength too. Known for being tough and letting nothing hold them back - an Aries is someone you can depend on, and they love to be treated. Due to their glittery personality, they have a fondness for luxury. This Birthstone Necklace is the bit of glitz and glam that any diamond lover will love. 

Those born in May bear the emerald as their birthstone. The luxurious green colour reflects new growth, which makes sense as the accompanying zodiac for May is Taurus. Full of compassion, and love, and romance, people born in May love big displays of affection and some TLC. Once they have you in their life, they're with you for life. The Birthstone Bracelet is the ideal way to give them something that will last as long as their love for you.


If you're born in June, your birthstone is a light amethyst, and you'll likely be a Gemini on the zodiac. The light purple colour is associated with calm, purity and tranquility. They have a knack for misplacing things and letting things slip their mind; this is just because they have such a childlike, innocent outlook on life. Our Birthstone Earrings are the perfect gift for a Gemini born in June due to it providing grounding properties. 

July is the month associated with the ruby gemstone and the zodiac sign, Cancer. People once thought that wearing the beautiful red gem over your heart would protect the wearer from negativity. People born in July tend to radiate love and passion, regularly taking up careers in the arts. They love to dazzle everyone around them, much like our Birthstone Necklaces. Their self-confidence will pair perfectly with this sentimental and personal present. 

Coming in at the tail end of summer are August babies. If you're born in this month, you're likely to be a Leo, and your gemstone is peridot. They're found in meteorites, giving them a deep and beautiful out of this world green colour. People born in August are known for being incredibly giving and kind with a welcoming nature. While they love being the centre of attention, they do it with charm - lighting up any room. Give them something else to show off by adding a birthstone gem onto our of our Initial Pendants


September is the month of sapphires and the lovable Virgos. Sapphire personalities tend to be calm and reserved, only genuinely open to those closest to them. They consider everything carefully and don't often chime in with big groups. Their sense of trust with others is usually deep, long-lasting, and dependable. They don't like bragging; they're more likely to be caught talking up those closest to them. They love gifts and treasure them if they're from a loved one. Our Zodiac necklaces are the personal but classic - precisely like the Virgo. 


Those born in October tend to be Libras - with a rose blush gem as their birthstone. They're restless, always ready to head out on their next adventure, and always on the hunt for something new. They might seem calm on the outside, but their racing minds are working away finding new ideas. They're also known for having a strong intuition about things - here's hoping they don't see our Birthstone Earrings coming for their next birthday gift. 

November born Scorpios have citrine as their birthstone. They have a reputation for being lucky. People who say 'you can't have it all' clearly have never met a Scorpio born in November before. They work, hard play hard, and then work even harder - often leaving out time for self-care. Those born in November are also known for being the life of the party. They love to have a good time and, as a result, people gravitate toward them. The Zodiac Necklace is the ideal gift for the person who already has everything they want. 


December is the month of blue topaz and Sagittarius. Those with this birthstone tend to have a love for knowledge — they're always attending a new class or have their nose stuck in a book. They're happy to strike up a conversation with a stranger and debate differing opinions. They also love gifting little things to people they appreciate - it could be a funny card they thought you'd like or something you mentioned five months ago they remembered and got for your birthday. Repay that love and gift them a pair of our Birthstone Earrings.

September 16, 2020 — Digital Media Team Collaborator