If there’s anything we know for certain here at Say it with Diamonds - it’s what’s trending. We know exactly what would make the perfect addition to your jewellery collection, and which of our best-sellers will best put a sparkle in your partner’s eye. 

Starting from just £35 and ranging to higher price-points - we have something suited for everyone’s budget. 

If you’re looking for something to show your love then our best-selling Circle of Life Collection is a match made in heaven for you. Take your pick from white gold, yellow gold, or silver from any of the pieces. Every pendant adds elegance to any outfit or event you have planned - especially leading up to the festive season!

Some cultures believe the symbol correlates to nature, the act of giving and receiving in life. Whereas others believe it resembles the cycle of growing and maturing, a reminder of how far you have come in your life. They all agree on one thing, however: that it’s a beautiful and meaningful symbol. 

Our Sterling Silver Circle of Life Necklace features a striking circle pendant with cubic zirconia stones on an 18-inch sterling silver chain. After we released this item, it soon became one of our best sellers both in store and on-site. The design was loved from the get-go, along with the rest of the jewellery collection featuring the same pendant. 


Whereas our Circle of Life 9ct Yellow Gold Channel Set holds a circle of delicately placed 0.10 carat diamonds, a simple and classic look that never goes out of style. It comes on an 18-inch chain with the pendant coming in at 2cm x 2cm in size. 


If you’re looking for something a little more dainty, we also have the Circle of Life Mini. It quickly became a best-seller due to the fact it’s a one-of-a-kind jewellery staple. This 9-carat gold necklace features a circle pendant with real diamonds and comes on an 18-inch chain. If you’re not an avid gold wearer, we also stock rose or white gold. 

If you want something a little bit different, we also have the Circle of Life Sterling Silver Channel Set, representing the constant loop or life, purity, and love. It casts a spotlight to a circular pendant, studded with cubic zirconia stones on a fine 18-inch chain. It adds a touch of class to your everyday looks.  

Everything in our Circle of Life Collection is easily layered with other necklaces or a statement piece when worn alone, it's the perfect gift for someone special. You can shop the whole collection, including the best-sellers here.  


October 02, 2020 — Digital Media Team Collaborator