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Our Nomination Talismani Collection features necklaces and bracelets with lucky symbols and charms. A talisman is an object believed to bring the owner good fortune and to protect them from harm. This collection has four different symbols and charms with sparkling cubic zirconia, as well as crystals with properties that are thought to benefit the mind, body and soul. They are worn to project the wearer's hopes for the future and the direction in which they wish their life to head. They make a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one to keep positivity close every day. All of the Nomination Talismani Collection pieces have a meaningful phrase on the reverse and arrive mounted on a matching themed card.

The Dreams range features a moon and a star charm, symbolising how we look up to the night sky to express our dreams and wishes. The fastening has a delicate moonstone heart. Moonstone is the stone of wishes and promotes creativity. It helps you to tune into the energy of the universe in order to fulfil your dreams. The phrase on the reverse reads, "May all my dreams come true".

For those looking for love, we have Talismani jewellery with the heart and tree of life symbols. A symbol of family connections and shared roots, the tree of life also stands for fertility and love that never ends. The rose quartz heart helps you to love yourself and others unconditionally and improves self-esteem. "Let there be love in my life" is engraved on the back.

If success is what is required, the star and third eye symbols would be a great choice. The eye represents knowledge, awareness and wisdom, whilst the labradorite heart instils hope and confidence. "Let opportunity light my way" is the message on this piece.

The four-leaf clover and the horseshoe are well known symbols of good luck. With a green aventurine heart at the fastening, representing well-being, wealth and happiness, this range is perfect for anyone with a challenge ahead. The phrase "May luck be on my side" will instil the wearer with hope.