Birthstone jewellery makes a wonderful gift that is both unique and thoughtful. There is such variety in the beautiful birthstones across the year's twelve months. Whether you are looking to craft a bespoke piece that incorporates all the birthstones in one family or commemorate a special birthday, birthstones will always be an appreciated token of love.

At Say it with Diamonds, we offer a great selection of September birthstone jewellery, including necklaces, earrings, and even sapphire bracelets. There is something for every style and budget, including our extra special 18ct gold-plated bracelets. We also offer a selection of additional birthstone gems, which can be added as extra charms for a collection or a unique family heirloom.

Sapphire jewellery makes for a special gift no matter which item you ultimately choose. You may even wish to combine several of our glittering pieces to create the perfect set. A necklace and earring combination may be an especially popular choice, while a bracelet could even be given as a unique Christening or first birthday gift the baby can enjoy later on in life.

Unsure what to pick? At Say it with Diamonds, we are more than happy to help you find the perfect birthstone jewellery gift for your special occasion.

What is September's birthstone?

September's birthstone is the royal sapphire. Its deep blue splendour has made it a popular choice since ancient Greece, when people wore it for spiritual guidance from their oracles. The blue colour was associated with the heavens and said to attract the favours of the gods and good judgement. Nowadays, September birthdays are associated with a stone that symbolises nobility, good fortune, truth, and royalty.