Meanings By Malin

Designed by Malin Andersson, meanings by Malin is a 17 piece healing crystal range which includes add on crystals, rings, bracelets & necklaces.

Malin's Favourite Pieces

Meanings By Malin

A message from Malin

I hope you all love my edit with Say It With Diamonds, these pieces were carefully designed by me and I wanted each piece of jewellery to represent a stage in my life which I have gone through and healed from. My love of spirituality and crystals started from when I hit rockbottom in 2017 my mind ascended and I began to see light shine through all the cracks that life had thrown at me. Its such a personal collection and I hope you all love it as much as I do. No matter what you are going through you are loved and you have the strength to get through it.. remember that.

Love and abundance, Malin x