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Buying an engagement ring or a wedding ring will be one of the most momentous purchases of your life, so it’s important to make sure you find the perfect fit. This ring size guide offers helpful tips to finding your ring size with ease.

Popping into our store and having your fingers measured is the most accurate way to determine your ring size, however if you need to find out from the comfort of your own home, we’re here to help with these handy tips.

How to measure at home...

We’ve created a downloadable ring measurer to make finding your perfect ring size easy – just follow these simple steps!

  1. Download and print off our ring sizer on A4 paper
  2. Cut around the sizer tool
  3. Place the tool around your finger
  4. Pull the end through the slot
  5. Pull it to fit snugly around your finger
  6. Make sure it slides over your knuckle
  7. Find the letter the arrow is pointing to and reveal your ring size
  8. Remember that thicker band widths need a larger size
  9. Please note that this is only a guide and will not take into account the style of ring

UK ring size guide