Charm pendant alien with blue cold enamel and sapphire blue stones silver


Alien charm: the pendant with its snap hook is made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver in the shape of a three-dimensional alien head. The eyes are accentuated by sapphire blue stones with a marquise-cut. A raised stone embellishes the alien’s forehead. Special highlight: the hand-painted blue cold enamel sparkles in the dark. The star as well as the stone eyes adorn the charm pendant’s back, too. Thanks to the snap hook, this charm can be hooked onto Charm Club necklaces and bracelets as well as be combined with further charms. This alien charm is an excellent gift idea for loved ones.
    • Charm made of 925 Sterling silver in the shape of an alien head
    • Decorated with blue cold enamel that sparkles in the dark as well as eyes made of sapphire blue stones
    • Individual combinations by hooking the charm onto Charm Club bracelets and necklaces thanks to its snap hook