Our birthstone jewellery is the perfect personalised gift. Sentimental and carrying significant meaning, each birthstone corresponds to the month in which you were born. Birthstones are said to amplify the theory of the law of attraction, bringing good luck and wealth to those born in that month. Perfect for yourself or as a thoughtful gift.

June birthstone necklaces

Available as a necklace, which is one of the most ancient known forms of jewellery, this is a gift created to allow individuals to uniquely express themselves. Birthstone necklaces hanging close to the heart would adorn any outfit perfectly, as well as bringing peace and balance to the wearer.

June birthstone bracelets

Our June birthstones are also available as a bracelet, which has associated links with friendships, marriage, and relationships. Birthstone bracelets are a perfect gift to someone to symbolise not only their individual birth month traits, but also to signify the appreciation of love and friendship. An amethyst birthstone worn on the left wrist is said to enhance self-healing and balance. An amethyst birthstone worn on the right wrist is said to amplify healing powers given out to others and the surrounding environment.

June birthstone earrings

The amethyst is linked to both the crown chakra and the third-eye chakra, both located on the head. These chakras are said to allow intuition and spiritual energy to flow. Birthstone earrings, complete with light amethyst stones, would be perfectly placed on the wearer to tap into the belief that crystals can play a part in rebalancing these chakras.

What is June's birthstone?

The birthstone for June is a light amethyst, a beautiful lilac-hued stone. A calming stone which brings balance, peace, and healing. The amethyst represents joy, creativity, and curiosity, perfect for those born under the June Gemini sun sign who have an innate childlike endearment about them. Those born in June are said to be charismatic, kind, and natural-born communicators.